Most businesses take a year to breakeven.

My name is Dr. Thanh Q Tran and I made my optometry practice profitable from the beginning and started expanding immediately.

Now I have diversified outside the field of optometry and am focusing my efforts towards developing various businesses with an emphasis on marketing. Get in touch with me if you need help with your business.

My answer is always YES!

Our Proposition

Your Business

Without the hassle of administration or business.

Increase Happiness

Eliminate internal bottle necks and maximize external outreach.

Realize Your Goals

Execute your business plan with our experience.

Our Services

Professionals with wealth experience

It is all about the details, we have identified five critical areas that we can bring our expertise to help your practice reach its potential.

Creating websites, managing local listings, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.

Renovation, re-lease of existing buildings, to the purchase and development of raw land including sales of developed land.

Our Philosophy

Be Positive: The first one is to BE POSITIVE. Yes, a positive outlook is a healthy outlook, it aspires confidence in yourself and everyone around you. We are all about that positivity.
Happiness before Money: Yes, our second pillar is happiness. From our customers to our employees, we make a conscious effort to be happy and positive. We have been fortunate and blessed that profitability has been a byproduct.
Hardwork: Yes, good old fashion hard work. We approach our work wholeheartedly. When we take on a project we set out clear goals with measurable results.

Yes & Yes: Say it again, Yes! We are all about realizing possibilities. Instead of focusing on the problems, we focus on finding the solutions.




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Make your customers happy, make your employees happy, everything else will follow!


Humble Beginnings

Born in Vietnam and raised in Houston, Texas. Dr. Thanh Q. Tran graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Houston College of Optometry in 2013. After graduation, he moved to San Antonio where he worked for an ophthalmologist furthering his knowledge and experience in treating ocular disease.

Fall 2016, he started his first practice Omni Vision. Most businesses take a year to breakeven, Omni Vision was profitable from the start. Within three years Omni Vision had grown from a single clinic to a tremendous trio. All clinics were built from the ground up and received stellar reviews from the community. In 2020, he successfully sold the Omni Vision practice.

On to the Future

Now, Dr. Tran’s efforts are focused towards with real estate development projects, over the last decade one of his career highlights was building his practices from the ground up. All offices he built were housed on newly developed land. He hopes to apply those lessons to the neighborhoods he will develop.

Another hallmark he has added to his portfolio is teaching. He is a clinical instructor at the Rosenberg School of Optometry. This has been akin to going back to his roots as he was the Geometrical Optics and Ophthalmics Procedures Instructor for the Texas Optometry Career Opportunities Program (TEXOCOP). He was beloved among students and recognized with the “Most Outstanding Professor” award both years he taught.

Above all, his future is driven by his belief in positive people with positive environments will create positive outcomes. He can work alongside you if you want to open, buy, manage, or sell your practice.




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